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When Opportunity Knocks…

I’m a health activist in addition to being a healthcare communications & IT consultant. I’m passionate about putting patients, clinicians, pharma, device manufacturers, and every other part of the medical care delivery system in the same room, shaking well, and seeing how that can improve healthcare.

A great opportunity appeared. I said “yes” – follow this link to read what happened.


Medicine and art

Medicine is a science, based on more science. Practicing medicine is an art. Many medical schools are showcasing a different kind of art from their doctors, nurses, students and staff.

A recent story in the St. Louis ‘Post-Dispatch’ highlights the paintings, drawings, poetry and more that have been produced as a means of expressing the joy and sometimes deep frustrations of their daily work life. What a wonderful way to enhance the humanity of our caregivers.

Is there a literary/art journal at VCU-MCV or other med schools in Virginia? I’d like to hear about it.