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Market like the Energizer Bunny

Let the Energizer Bunny be your model.

You’ve probably seen the commercial… the Energizer Bunny standing in the glow of UFO lights, looking ever so cool in his (her?) sunglasses, saves the day by beating his drum harder and harder until the spaceship powers up and is successfully on its way to take ET home.

There’s no doubt providers are being squeezed from all directions – government regulations, pushback from insurance companies, recalcitrant patients. No one is quite certain how the healthcare changes are going to shake out, but it’s clear that business as usual isn’t going to continue much longer. That spaceship is about to crash land.

Instead of lamenting the good old days, start banging the drum to energize your practice/business. And keep on banging it.

Too often a practice will try something once or twice without results. So it stops. Try something else awhile. Nope, that didn’t work. Try something else. Compounding the difficulty, marketing is assigned to someone in the office who, besides not having experience in marketing, has many other things to do every day.

It’s rare that a single marketing activity will have big results, but a professional, coherent, long-term, multifaceted strategy almost always brings a lift.

Once you have your goals, strategies and tactics worked out, keep on going… and going…and going…


Medicine and art

Medicine is a science, based on more science. Practicing medicine is an art. Many medical schools are showcasing a different kind of art from their doctors, nurses, students and staff.

A recent story in the St. Louis ‘Post-Dispatch’ highlights the paintings, drawings, poetry and more that have been produced as a means of expressing the joy and sometimes deep frustrations of their daily work life. What a wonderful way to enhance the humanity of our caregivers.

Is there a literary/art journal at VCU-MCV or other med schools in Virginia? I’d like to hear about it.